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The phrase “go outside in” doesn’t apply to everyone. There is diversity between the Algarve and Nazaré. And it depends above all on the context.

Year after year, thousands and thousands of Portuguese love to spend their vacations in Portugal.

The phrase “go outside in” has stuck in the minds of many – but it doesn’t convince everyone. There are places in Portugal that the Portuguese hate for their vacations, or during a certain time of the year.

The choices depend a lot on the context, the time of year; but there is diversity in the list shared with ZAP by the International Drivers Association.

The first hated place is… the Algarve. And during… summer. Yes, somewhat confusing, since it’s the priority for many Portuguese on vacation. But there’s the opposite effect: because it attracts so many people, because there’s so much confusion (and because of the prices), many Portuguese hate the Algarve during the summer.

Bairro Alto, at night: partying until dawn in this part of the capital puts many Portuguese off.

Costa da Caparica, in August: very busy, especially on the beaches; a place to avoid for many people.

Porto, São João: another contrast, just like in the Algarve. Some people love this unique night in Porto, while others hate it and shy away from the tens and tens of thousands of people.

Madeira, Carnival: for many Portuguese, Carnival in Madeira is too commercial; they prefer more traditional festivities.

Sintra on Sundays: a place overrun by tourists, specifically on Sundays. Some places don’t look the same as they do on other days of the week.

Aveiro, during the Ria de Aveiro Weekend: another place of great confusion during this annual event.

Óbidos, Christmas: because it has a unique charm, it becomes a very busy town; those who live there “flee”.

Coimbra, during the Queima das Fitas: here, too, it mainly affects local residents. Too many people, too much noise.

Nazaré, weekend: in Nazaré, it’s the locals who don’t like so many tourists. Especially at the weekend, when many flock to the famous waves.

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