A woman sitting on a river beach with feet in the water.

Talk about an enchanting refuge. Put it in your diary: this river beach with its warm, crystal-clear waters is a must-visit in summer

Set in the serene countryside of the northeastern Algarve, the Pego Fundo river beach is a haven of natural beauty that rises from the Ribeira de Cadavais, a tributary of the River Guadiana. Who would have thought that by the river we would find a white sand beach? Placed there to allow Alcoutim’s inhabitants and visitors to take advantage of the river waters, this sand invites you to spread out your towel after a swim.

The big drawcard of this beach has been the water temperature. Reaching 30 degrees in summer, as you can read on the Visit Algarve website, more and more Portuguese and foreigners are coming to find this dreamy little refuge, where you can relax on the sand and listen to the birds singing and the sound of the rattles of the flocks grazing in the surrounding green area.

Access to the beach is very easy and in excellent conditions, via a tarmac road from the town of Alcoutim that crosses the bridge over the Ribeira de Cadavais towards the left bank of the beach, a very short distance of approximately 500 meters. There is parking and, during the bathing season, the beach is supported by a restaurant, toilets and surveillance.

The Pego Fundo river beach also has the “Accessible Beach” label, allowing people with reduced mobility to make the most of this “natural jacuzzi” in the Algarve.

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