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The North American market is the second largest importer of Portuguese wine, with a value of 100 million euros in 2023 and 9.4% growth.

ViniPortugal is promoting a series of tastings of Portuguese wines in the United States this month, a market that grew 9.4% in the first two months of the year and where new business opportunities are expected, the organization told Lusa.

ViniPortugal, the Interprofessional Wine Organization of Portugal, took Portuguese producers to Chicago on Monday, is in Houston on Wednesday, will be in New York on the 15th and in San Francisco on the 18th, in a roadshow that crosses four strategic locations and aims to identify new business opportunities, as well as increase awareness of Portuguese wines.

“The data collected up to February shows that we are growing by 9.4% in value [compared to the same period in 2023] and so we are seeing good growth in value this year. Last year, the US market shrank not only for Portugal, but for everyone,” noted the president of ViniPortugal, Frederico Falcão.

“But the figures for the first two months of this year show that we are seeing great growth, although I don’t believe that we will end the year growing so much, in other words, the market still has some retraction compared to the past,” Frederico Falcão also told Lusa. The North American market is the second largest importer of Portuguese wine, with a value of 100 million euros in 2023.

In general, Portugal exports more reds than whites to the United States, said the president of ViniPortugal. According to the organization, Portuguese wines have been the target of growing interest from US consumers, who appreciate the “quality, diversity and tradition” of Portuguese wine.

“In this market we find sophisticated consumers, who have a great appetite for foreign products, so it makes perfect sense to strengthen our presence in this market,” said ViniPortugal. The next tasting will take place at the City Winery in New York and will be attended by 175 professionals and 200 consumers.

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