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2024 list of new flight routes includes Portugal-Morocco

With Ryanair makeing a massive investment in Morocco it got a lot easier to go sightseeing in Morocco when you live in the Algarve.

This week Ryanair announced a major $1.4bn investment into Morocco for operations next year, which includes a new base in Tangier.

35 brand new routes will be added to the network, meaning that more than 1,100 weekly flights across 175 routes will be on offer.

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14 aircraft will be based in Morocco, which will consist of seven in Marrakech, three in Fez, two in Agadir as well as two in it’s new base of Tangier.

The new routes into the country for the Summer 2024 season are as follows:

  • Agadir-Birmingham
  • Agadir-Bournemouth
  • Agadir-Edinburgh
  • Beni Mellal-Milan
  • Beni Mellal-Barcelona
  • Fez-Zaragoza
  • Marrakesh-Milan
  • Marrakesh-Faro
  • Marrakesh-Lanzarote
  • Marrakesh-Birmingham
  • Marrakesh-Bristol
  • Marrakesh-Leeds
  • Marrakesh-Murcia
  • Marrakesh-Tenerife South
  • Marrakesh-La Rochelle
  • Marrakesh-Stockholm
  • Tangier-Barcelona
  • Tangier-Lisbon
  • Tangier-Carcassonne
  • Tangier-Eindhoven
  • Tangier-Baden Baden
  • Tangier-Memmingen
  • Tangier-Manchester
  • Tangier-Porto
  • Agadir-Fez
  • Agadir-Oujda
  • Fez-Marrakesh
  • Marrakesh-Tangier
  • Marrakesh-Oujda
  • Marrakesh-Errachidia
  • Marrakesh-Tetouan
  • Tangier-Oujda
  • Tangier-Ouarzazate
  • Tangier-Essaouira

All eyes will be on how Ryanair gets on with these new routes, as well as whether there is scope to expand this even more going into the future.

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