man at desk with surveillance images on screen

The PSP has identified a pair who assaulted a man on a beach in the Algarve.

On Wednesday, the Public Security Police (PSP) located and identified two men, both aged 22, “as the alleged perpetrators of violent attacks on a citizen who was walking in the Praia da Rocha area” in Portimão.

The PSP explained in a statement that the identification was possible because “the scene of the events is covered by the video surveillance system installed in the city”.

“The images collected were analyzed, which proved to be fundamental in locating and identifying the suspects.”

The case dates back to December 30.

“The assaults, apparently for no justifiable reason, resulted in several injuries to the victim that required proper treatment and clinical follow-up, and the suspects, immediately after committing the crime, fled, making it impossible to identify them at the time,” the PSP continues in the information note.

In it, the authorities conclude that “the suspects were made defendants, subjected to an Identity and Residence Term and interrogated” and “the results of these steps were sent to the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office”.

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