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Green receipts (recibos verdes): This declaration must be submitted this month

The Social Security Institute (ISS) reminded us on Wednesday that self-employed workers have until the end of January to submit their annual and quarterly declarations via Segurança Social Direta.

“If you are self-employed, you have until January 31st to submit the Annual Declaration and the 4th Quarterly Declaration. The Annual Declaration is intended for all self-employed workers who submitted at least one Quarterly Declaration in the calendar year 2023, and aims to correct or declare Quarterly Declarations for the previous year (2023),” the ISS website states.

If you don't need to correct or declare any of the above-mentioned quarterly declarations, you don't need to take any action;

If you need to correct or declare any of the aforementioned quarterly declarations, you should go to Employment > Self-employed workers > Quarterly declaration system > Previous year declarations;

Quarterly declarations that have already been submitted are available at Consult Declaration;

Quarterly statements that have not been submitted can be submitted under Register Statement.

In addition, “in the event of higher contributions, payment of the accruals can be made by February 20, via payment document”.

The ISS also states that “the 4th Quarterly Declaration is intended for all self-employed workers who are obliged to declare income received in October, November and December 2023, which will be used to calculate contributions for January, February and March 2024”.

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