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Last week the PSP seized a suitcase with 30 doses of hashish at Azores Ponta Delgada airport. But, no arrests were made, it was revealed today.

According to the PSP Regional Command, the seizure was made through police officers from the Ponta Delgada airport security Station, on the island of São Miguel.

The drug was hidden inside a suitcase, suspecting the authorities that it was abandoned in the baggage claim room at the João Paulo II Airport in Ponta Delgada.

A source from PSP told the Lusa agency that the suitcase came from a flight originating in continental territory.

“The facts were communicated to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who is responsible for directing the investigation”, reads the note released by PSP.

In its statement, the Regional command of the Azores stresses that the prevention and fight against drug trafficking “will continue to be on the list of priorities for Strategic police action” in “the entire autonomous region of the Azores, not only because it continues to highlight a factor clearly associated with the practice of other crimes, but also because of the decline and harmful effects it causes for the health and well-being of consumers of these substances”.

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