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First clinic in Portugal with therapeutic veterinary hyperbaric chamber for dogs and cats.

Technology widely used by high-performance sportsmen helps to oxygenate the bloodstream more quickly and regenerate tissues

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The first clinic in Portugal with a therapeutic veterinary hyperbaric chamber for dogs and cats opens on Saturday afternoon to the public in Odivelas, district of Lisbon, providing services such as specialty consultations and means of analytical diagnosis, conventional radiology, ultrasounds and rehabilitation modalities such as electromyo stimulation, magneto therapy, ultrasound, laser therapies and hydrotherapy, among others, dedicated to animals.

The first therapeutic veterinary hyperbaric chamber for animals is operating at the Lisbon Animal Rehabilitation and Regeneration Centre (CR2AL) for about four months. So far, it had only received patients who were targeted by veterinarians after being evaluated by a multidisciplinary team; now, a stem cell bank and platelet-rich plasma will be available.

This technology, which has emerged linked to training to adapt to the pressure of underwater diving, has been used by high-performance athletes and to prepare astronauts. When applied to regenerative medicine, it can help solve various types of diseases, from neurological to inflammation, wound healing and tissue regeneration, joint damages, anemia and pancreatitis, among many others.

It is a device, with which the patient receives a high dose of oxygen at a pressure higher than the atmosphere for a period of time adapted to the case, which will allow a faster oxygenation of the bloodstream and greater tissue regeneration.

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