police cars with warn lights on

Mother Suspected of mistreating 35-day baby

Barreiro’s PSP arrested a 20-year-old woman suspected of the crime of domestic violence against a 35 day old baby. The arrest was made about 6 p.m. on Saturday, in compliance with an arrest warrant outside.

“After having known about alleged mistreatment committed by a mother to her son of only 35 days, the police immediately initiated proceedings to investigate and collect evidence, having been able to gather enough information to proceed with the arrest of the suspect,” the PSP said in a statement.

The PSP District Command of Barreiro, to which the municipality of Barreiro belongs, points out that the rapid intervention of the police force allowed to ensure that the baby was placed “out of danger and in safety”.

Without giving advance details of the mistreatment that have been inflicted on the baby, the police clarified that the infant remains under medical observation in a hospital unit.

The suspected woman was presented to the remand judge at the court of Barreiro on Monday.

police cars with warn lights on

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