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Coming November, the Americans will elect a new US President. However, it is questionable whether Joe Biden is fit enough for a second term in office. There are currently rumors that Joe Biden will be replaced in the US election. The Democrats already have a suitable candidate in mind.

The campaign team of incumbent US President Joe Biden is already firmly preparing for former incumbent Donald Trump to become the Republican presidential candidate.

Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez said in a phone call with reporters on Wednesday (local time) that the results of the recent New Hampshire primary confirmed “that Donald Trump has the Republican Party’s nomination all but in the bag”. Another member of the campaign team said that the Biden campaign is now completely focused on showing the American people the choice between the incumbent president and his predecessor. Because this option is “real”.

While Donald Trump is currently flying high thanks to the results of the primaries, things are not looking nearly as rosy for Joe Biden himself. Although he has no serious competition within the Democratic Party as the incumbent president, he is starting the election campaign as one of the most unpopular US presidents of all time. His popularity ratings have fallen massively since the beginning of 2023 and a majority of US citizens are dissatisfied with his performance in office.

There are currently rumors that the Democrats could therefore send another candidate into the race against Donald Trump. As the news portal “” reports, Michelle Obama is currently being touted as Biden’s successor. Although the wife of former President Barack Obama has repeatedly denied her candidacy so far, speculation is still rife. The former First Lady is one of the Democrats’ most popular personalities and, with a popularity rating of 56%, is far ahead of her possible rival Joe Biden – she even beats the incumbent president within the party!

“The Democrats only have a chance if they throw Mrs. Obama into the race,” former Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly recently declared. O’Reilly believes that there could be an uprising at the Democratic Party conference in Chicago in August and that Michelle Obama could step in as savior for Joe Biden, who he believes is suffering from dementia. The “New York Post” columnist Cindy Adams also believes that Michelle Obama is already secretly preparing her candidacy.

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