Mold on white wall, yellow gloves, red sponge, spray bottle.

Damp, leaks and poor thermal insulation are problems that affect the majority of houses built in Portugal, especially buildings from the 60s and 70s.

Houses that are cold in winter and hot in summer are the picture of housing in Portugal. Damp, leaks and poor thermal insulation are problems that many Portuguese recognize, but due to low incomes most choose not to go ahead with the necessary improvements.

The Portal for Architecture and Sustainable Construction has drawn a picture of housing in Portugal, in a study in which 70% of respondents pointed out the same type of problems.

One of the portal’s architects says that houses built in the 1970s were built without thinking about thermal insulation and without using simple glazing.

The lack of insulation and sealing of windows are other problems mentioned.

More accessible on cold days are, for example, heaters, which, although they increase temperature comfort, add to the energy costs of homes.

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