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The operators informed us of the increase but “none of them actually communicated the amount of the increase and the future price to be paid by each customer”, points out Deco.

This Wednesday, the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (Deco) accused telecommunications operators of a lack of transparency in communicating price rises to customers, for failing to inform them of the amount of the increase.

“In a non-transparent and inadequate way,” said Deco, “the three operators informed their customers of the increase, either on their website, by e-mail, SMS or invoice, but none of them actually communicated the amount of the increase and the future price to be paid by each customer,” says the note sent to members.

For the consumer protection association, this form of communication “continues to be inadequate for the interests of consumers” and it has therefore demanded that the National Communications Authority (Anacom) “finally define procedures for price change communications, regardless of whether or not they are provided for in the contract”.

During November and December, telecoms operators announced that they were going to increase prices from February 1st, by an undefined amount to be set this month, in line with the inflation rate.

The three main telecommunications operators Meo (Altice Portugal), NOS and Vodafone Portugal have decided to increase their prices this year, after the regulator asked for “restraint” in the increase.

According to information available on its website, Meo “will update its prices in accordance with the contractual conditions in force”. With regard to the monthly fees for post-paid mobile services, the update came into force on January 1, with the contractually stipulated minimum amount of 50 cents excluding VAT.

On February 1, the monthly fees for fixed services with television and convergent services will be updated.

“Additional mobile cards will be subject to the contractual minimum of 50 cents (including VAT),” reads Meo’s website.

For its part, NOS explains that “the inflationary context has been aggravating the costs of the communications sector” and that, in this context, it will “update the price of services” according to the CPI.

“This update applies to monthly service fees as well as extra ‘plafond’ tariffs” and “the new prices will come into force on February 1, 2024 and each customer will be able to consult their specific update on the NOS website from January 23, 2024”, it adds.

Vodafone Portugal also states on its website that it will update the price of its telecommunications services from February 1, 2024, with the increase being calculated using the CPI.

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