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From the Alvão Natural Park to the Ermelo slingshots, Mondim de Basto invites tourists to visit the region.

Open Wings to Mondim is the name of the initiative that aims to reduce the seasonality of tourism in Mondim de Basto, in the district of Vila Real. In this third edition, which lasts until the end of April, many activities in nature, gastronomy, sport and music are expected.

The Alvão Natural Park, the Fisgas do Ermelo waterfalls (one of the largest waterfalls in Europe) and the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Graça, which is one of the highlights of the Tour of Portugal by bike, are just some of the region’s most emblematic sites. Throughout the month there will be proposals for “activities that invite people to visit the municipality of Mondim de Basto at this time of year, when there is actually a greater lack of visitors”, says Bruno Ferreira, Mayor of Mondim de Basto, in an interview with Lusa.

If you’re a sports and nature fanatic, there’s no shortage of options for combining the two during your stay in the region. From long walks that take advantage of Mondim de Basto’s natural landscapes, there will also be motorcycle and off-road tours, as well as cycling, canoeing, canyoning and rafting.

On the 14th, the “Flavors and Landscapes of Atei: between manor houses and vineyards” walk will include a tasting of vinho verde and other traditional delicacies. But this is just one of the opportunities you’ll have to get to know the gastronomy of this district of Vila Real better. From maronesa steak to roast kid with oven rice and “pica no chão” cabidela rice, there are plenty of options that promise to make your meals something to die for.

Music lovers, meanwhile, will be able to attend the third edition of Rock no Favo, the festival that celebrates rock music and provides a more interactive experience between the public and the artists. “Favo das Artes – Casa da Cultura has provided the people of Mondin, and other audiences, with a diverse program and contact with various artistic manifestations,” says Bruno Ferreira, who adds that April is already the month dedicated to Rock. Rita Redshoes, Trabalhadores do Comércio and Johnny Puff are some of the guest musicians, and tickets are now available on the Ticketline website.

Carla Costa, one of the project’s creators, believes that Abrir Asas Até Mondim is a good initiative to win over not only the national market, but also the international market, in order to combat the seasonality felt in tourism in Mondim de Basto, which, according to her, is a region most visited during the Easter vacations and during the months of July and August. Find out about all the activities scheduled for April here.

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Spread your wings to Mondim //2024

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