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The Happy Awards, a rating system for organizations that aims to measure the happiness, well-being and personal fulfillment of employees. It also evaluates the satisfaction of customers and suppliers in organizations from different sectors, promoted by Consumer Choice, distinguished five entities in this second edition.

They are A Casa das Casas, Alberto Oculista, Make a Wish, RE/MAX and Zome.

In total, 720 evaluations were carried out on employees, customers and suppliers of the participating organizations, in order to analyse the level of happiness and well-being in these entities. To this end, the methodology implemented in the Happy Awards is based on an incisive, innovative, dynamic, impartial and transversal approach, which analyzes and takes into account the opinions of these three groups.

“This evaluation system aims to measure the happiness, well-being and personal fulfillment of employees in organizations from different sectors. It also makes it possible to assess customer and supplier satisfaction,” says Teresa Preta, Managing Director of ConsumerChoice.

“With this recognition we hope to motivate other organizations to raise their internal happiness rates, encouraging them to improve on the points that are indicated as most important by employees, but also by customers and suppliers,” she adds.

According to the results of the studies carried out, when it comes to the happiness and satisfaction of the experience in the organization, concern for personal life, the work environment and the balance between personal and professional life are some of the main factors valued by employees. The vast majority of employees surveyed also feel very aligned with the company’s values and proud of their organizations.

As far as experience in the job is concerned, the employees questioned are very happy and satisfied with the relationship they have with their hierarchy and team, and feel in most cases that they can be trusted by their managers. They also say that professional stability and openness to giving their opinion are essential aspects of happiness at work.

This study also assesses the happiness and satisfaction of employees in relation to their personal experience. Employees consider it important to have the support of friends and family, personal happiness, willingness to go to work, i.e. energy levels and personal health. In general, the employees of the companies evaluated are satisfied with these points.

In addition to the employees, the study associated with the Happy Awards also assesses the satisfaction of the customers of these organizations, for whom the quality of the products and services available and the trust they have in the organization are of considerable importance, with a very positive degree of happiness and satisfaction in relation to these characteristics.

In the case of these organizations’ suppliers, meeting payment deadlines and trust in the organization are considered fundamental. However, they are generally happy and satisfied with these components.

All companies on the national market, regardless of their sector, size or age, can submit their application. Organizations with a minimum score of 70% of the overall evaluations will be distinguished.