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Swiss and Germans create hub in Porto and are recruiting in Portugal. Check out all the news and see how to apply!

Swiss and Germans create hub in Porto and are hiring. In this way, the technology center in Portugal brings together two technology companies that are selecting new professionals in the European country. Check out all the news, the vacancies and how to apply for a job in Portugal.

Swiss and Germans create hub in Porto

Portugal has attracted a lot of international investment. In addition, with projects focused on technology, Lisbon and Porto have become important hubs in Europe. That’s why in Porto, the country’s second largest city, technology companies are setting up shop and looking for professionals who have graduated from relevant and renowned universities.

In fact, the supply of highly qualified young people in the Portuguese city is one of the factors that led to the decision to create a new tech hub. According to Porto Canal, the site is called ‘Xelerate Markant Services International Portugal’ and is the result of the union of a Swiss company and a Portuguese-German company that are looking for new professionals.

Investment and job creation in Portugal

For Markant’s CEO, Mark Michaelis, the availability of highly qualified professionals in Porto was decisive. Mark works for Markant Services International, a Swiss company in the retail and industrial services sector. At the other end of the partnership is the German-Portuguese ‘’, who are joining forces in the project and investing in Portugal.

In addition, Markant has had a branch in Porto since 2021 and works to help attract and set up foreign technology companies in the Portuguese city. Therefore, for the company’s CEO, the new center is focused on “developing innovative software products in order to take advantage of the potential of our B2B platform”.

Therefore, according to Mark Michaelis, the new platform aims to “take advantage of the broad expertise of the Portuguese IT community to accelerate the development of software products while creating an inspiring and collaborative work environment”, with 30 new highly qualified jobs to be created during 2024″.

More about Xelerate Markant Services International Portugal

Xelerate Markant Services International Portugal’s main mission is to support and expand “digitalization in retail”. The expectation is that it will be a key player in “generating advantages in terms of processes and costs”.

In this way, the group has more than 15,000 partner companies and generates revenues and billings in the billions. For example, in 2023, the value was almost 140 billion euros, 63 billion of which were transactions carried out through Markant.

Portugal stands out in Europe as a technology hub

Portugal has emerged as an attractive destination for Information Technology (IT) companies, and there are many reasons for this. In terms of cost of living, despite the considerable increase in rents compared to other European countries, Portugal still manages to offer a more affordable cost of living. In addition, many professionals in Europe, when they have the choice, opt for Portugal for its quality of life and pleasant climate all year round.

However, in recent years the Portuguese government has implemented policies aimed at attracting foreign investment. For this reason, companies that invest in the country can count on tax benefits created exclusively for technology companies. These incentives can include tax reductions and other fiscal advantages.

However, on the other hand, Portugal has invested in technological infrastructure, including advanced communication networks and research and development facilities. In other words, this ends up creating a favorable environment for IT companies to operate efficiently. Finally, the good qualifications of IT professionals and their command of other languages, especially English, puts Portugal on the radar of large corporations.

About Porto

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, after Lisbon. As such, it is an important economic and cultural center of the country and is known for its historical connection to the Port wine industry. In terms of trade, being an important port city, it has a long history of trading with the whole world. In fact, the Port of Leixões, located near the city of Porto, is an important seaport that contributes significantly to the city’s economic activities.

In addition, the city has experienced growth in the service sector, including tourism. As such, it plays a significant role in the local economy, attracting visitors with its UNESCO-listed historic center, the Ribeira district and the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge. However, Porto is considered an emerging technology hub and attracts startups and innovation centers every year.

With a population of just over 200,000 people (excluding the metropolitan region), it is also a university city. Porto is home to several universities, including the University of Porto, which is one of the largest and most prestigious in the country. The presence of these institutions contributes to the training and qualification of professionals and young talent.

Swiss and Germans create hub in Porto: how to apply

If you liked the news and want to apply for one of the vacancies, go to Markant’s jobs and careers portal. You can also go to the website and check out the jobs in Porto. However, it’s worth saying that, as this is recent news, job offers in Portugal are not yet available on the Markant portal. That’s why it’s best to contact the company and look out for job opportunities in Porto. Good luck!