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In the most recent test of Cabernet-Sauvignon wines, two reds stood out. Supermarkets are surprised by the price and quality. You can try Escolha Acertada for 3.29 euros.

Casa Ermelinda Freitas, Adega de Pegões, Quinta do Piloto, Filipe Palhoça Vinhos, Adegamãe and Casa Santos Lima are some of the big names with many proven track records in the world of wine and with red wines from the Cabernet-Sauvignon variety, considered the queen of red grapes.

Who wins the first single-varietal showdown of the year? DECO PROteste (The Portuguese consumer watch dog) has put together wines from these brands and many others, not forgetting the supermarket suggestions.

Most of the red wines tested made from the Cabernet-Sauvignon variety are very good to open today or keep at home until 2029. The consumer decides. In the tasting, four wines out of 15 managed to win top marks from the professional panel.

In the wine comparator, exclusive to subscribers, use the Grape Varieties filter, choose Cabernet-Sauvignon and the party begins. The Cabernet-Sauvignon grape is one of the most respected varieties in the world.

Five bottles of wine for the price of one

DECO PROteste has updated its wine comparator with the results of its test of 15 new red wines from the Cabernet-Sauvignon grape variety. Two recommendations from this type of grape stand out to accompany kid or lamb on Easter, an unbeatable duo. With an Overall Quality of 88%, the Best of the Test will make history at a gathering of friends and family. As for the Right Choice, with a very tempting price, you can buy five bottles for the price of one.

You can buy the first wine in the Continente supermarket chain, with very interesting promotions: 5.89 euros was the minimum price found. The second medal winner is exclusive to the Aldi supermarket chain.

Origin of the Cabernet-Sauvignon variety: the queen of red grapes

Originally from France, probably the Bordeaux region, it is the most widespread wine grape in the world. It comes from the spontaneous cross between the red Cabernet-Franc variety and the white Sauvignon-Blanc variety and is relatively recent (17th century). Also known as the “queen of red grapes”, it adapts well to different terroirs and adversities (bad weather or certain diseases, for example). But its fame has a flip side: its pronounced sensory expression can make it tiring.

In the United States, where the variety is very popular, the acronym ABC – Anything But Cabernet (or Chardonnay) – has emerged. In other words, there’s no point in always consuming wines from the same grape variety, when there’s a huge range available.

The magic of the Cabernet-Sauvignon variety lies in its ability to adapt to the region in which it is grown. It also impresses with the richness and flavors that can be found in a bottle of wine.

The main Cabernet-Sauvignon regions in Portugal

In Portugal, the Cabernet-Sauvignon variety is found mainly in the southern regions (Alentejo, Lisbon, Península de Setúbal and Tejo). The plant is vigorous and has a medium yield. The bunches are small and stubby, as are the thick-skinned, bluish-black, late-ripening berries.

The variety produces wines with fruity aromas (blackcurrant, blueberry, blackberry, cherry and plum) when produced in warmer regions, and more vegetal (green bell pepper) and balsamic (eucalyptus and cedar) in humid and cool areas. The wines are rich in coloring matter and tannins and tend to improve with ageing.

To find out more about wine, ask for the Wine Guide, which publishes the results of chemical analyses and professional tastings of more than 300 national wines from the most recent vintages.

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