stone tower in the sea

Portugal, the small country at the south-western tip of Europe, is a popular travel destination for many Europeans.

An enormous cliff landscape stretches along the south-western coast, occasionally interrupted by beautiful sandy beaches, occasionally also by houses, small and large. In the towns, which are bathed in a very special light in the evening, they stand in rows. And in the interior of the small country at the south-western tip of the continent, it is sometimes so green that some people think of Ireland. Others, however, may be reminded of Australia by the eucalyptus trees. This is, of course, Portugal: Portugal!

Portugal is a favorite place for many, a place of emigration for some and a place of longing for all those who feel at home here and yet are not. Those who make the journey will find a charming little corner of the world for surfing and relaxing, hiking, wonderful food and, above all, enjoyment.

Die Top 10 Reiseziele in Portugal

There are numerous exciting cities to discover in Portugal, especially Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Sintra in the north and center of the country. Many summer vacationers are particularly drawn to the south of Portugal, the Algarve region, and popular vacation resorts such as Lagos, Faro and Albufeiera. Portugal’s islands, such as Madeira, are also well worth a visit. Click through our picture gallery with the top 10 travel destinations in Portugal.

Lisbon – Portugal’s capital should be visited by every traveler

stone tower in the sea
2. Porto – auch die Großstadt im Norden ist ein Must-See auf einer Reise
2. Porto – the big city in the north is also a must-see on a trip Photo
3. Madeira – die portugiesische Insel befindet sich vor der Nordwestküste Afrikas
3. Madeira – the Portuguese island is located off the northwest coast of Africa
4. Lagos – die kleine Stadt liegt an der Algarve, im Süden Portugals
4. Lagos – the small town is located in the Algarve, in the south of Portugal
5. Faro befindet sich ebenfalls an der Algarve und ist die Hauptstadt der Region
5. Faro is also located in the Algarve and is the capital of the region
6. Albufeira – wer bereits an der Algarve ist, sollte auch diesen Küstenort erkunden
6. Albufeira – if you are already in the Algarve, you should also explore this coastal town
7. Évora ist die Provinzhauptstadt der südlich-zentralen Region Alentejo
7. Évora is the provincial capital of the south-central Alentejo region
8. Coimbra – die Universitätsstadt liegt in der Region Centro
8. Coimbra – the university city is located in the Centro region
9. Sintra – die sehenswerte Kleinstadt befindet sich westlich von Lissabon
9. Sintra – the small town worth seeing is located west of Lisbon
10. Tavira – auch die kleine Küstenstadt an der Algarve lohnt sich
10. Tavira – the small coastal town in the Algarve is also worth a visit

Top activities in Portugal

In addition to the various sights that can be found in Portugal, there is also a lot to experience on a trip to Portugal. Beach and sea lovers can look forward to the beautiful beaches in the Algarve and also discover surfing in southern Portugal or on the Silver Coast.

If you are in the Algarve, you can also add Benagil Cave to your to-do list. Best Benagil Tours is offering different tours along the Algarve coast and into the caves. Ideal for families, groups and senior travelers. Worth mentioning is the Algarve Wine cruise, offering wine tasting and Portuguese Tapas on a boat while watching beautiful beaches and coastlines passing by.

And anyone spending time in Lisbon would do well to treat themselves to an evening of fado in Alfama or Chiado and relax on a special city tour on streetcar 28. Nature lovers should not miss the Douro Valley and the Azores. Click through our picture gallery with the top 10 activities in Portugal.

Weather and climate

The climate in Portugal is temperate and it can be warm even in the winter months. The best time to visit is between April and October, as this is when there is an average of ten hours of sunshine a day and the least rainfall. If you want to go on a beach vacation to Portugal, it is best to do so between July and September. Temperatures on the coast are around 30 degrees, but inland it can also be around 40 degrees.

Be sure to visit Guimarães!

Rather underrated, but definitely worth a visit is Guimarães. The city is also known as the cradle of Portugal because the first king came from here. Guimarães is located around 40 kilometers from Porto and has an interesting medieval old town, which has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2001. One of the landmarks of Guimarães is the castle, which is more than 1000 years old and played a key role in the founding of Portugal. And while you’re there, I can recommend the Florêncio restaurant in the Madre de Deus district. Here you can enjoy traditional dishes from the Minho region, such as the famous “arroz de sangue” (blood rice), “bucho recheado” (stuffed tripe) and white or red “vinho verde”.

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