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The National Republican Guard (GNR) arrested 290 people between January 19 and 25 and detected more than 6,000 traffic offenses.

In a statement this Saturday, the security agency revealed the results of a series of operations carried out during the period – in addition to the daily operational activity – which aimed “not only to prevent and combat crime and road accidents, but also to monitor various administrative offenses”.

The GNR reveals that it made 290 arrests. Of these, 124 were for driving under the influence of alcohol, 53 for driving without a legal license, 26 for theft and robbery, 20 for drug trafficking, nine for domestic violence and six for illegal possession of weapons and prohibited weapons.

During the same period, 467 doses of cocaine, 104.9 doses of heroin, 6,358.46 doses of hashish, 72,164 doses of cannabis, 9.4 doses of MDMA, five MDMA pills, three cannabis plants, 441 rounds of ammunition of different calibers, 26 firearms, 16 bladed or prohibited weapons, 17 vehicles and 10,173.79 euros in cash were seized.

With regard to traffic inspections, the GNR detected 6,277 infractions, of which 2,450 were for speeding, 617 for failure to carry out mandatory periodic inspections, 263 for driving with a blood alcohol level higher than that permitted by law, 236 related to anomalies in the lighting and signaling systems, 219 related to tachographs, 188 for lack of civil liability insurance, 161 for lack of or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems and 151 for improper use of cell phones while driving.

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