A glass filled with milkshake and pastries on a table.

It is available in various venues in Lisbon and Porto. It can be served with a pastel de nata, of course.

If you ask a person that has been to Portugal, most of them can tell you what a pastel de nata is and how it tastes. Every coffee or snack bar serves them, bakeries and pastry shops have them piled up, many restaurants offer them as a dessert.

A warm, crispy pastel de nata is good. Thinking ahead to the hot days of summer and spring, Fábrica da Nata has created a milkshake with a taste of this typical Portuguese sweet.

Yes, it’s really true, no April Fool’s lies. This drink can be tasted in the brand’s stores in Lisbon, in Restauradores, Rua Augusta and Centro Colombo, in Sintra, in Praça da República, and in Porto, in Santa Catarina and Praça Almeida Garrett.

According to the brand, the cream with which the drink is made is also baked in the oven. It is then transformed into ice cream. The drink is always accompanied by a custard tart. It costs 4.90 euros.

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