Guardia Civil boat in water

Thirty people were arrested and 2,296 kilograms of hashish, 508 kilograms of cocaine and 1,065 kilograms of cannabis were seized.

A criminal group that was engaged in the large-scale introduction of cocaine and hashish, cultivation and distribution of cannabis, as well as trafficking in migrants from Morocco, was dismantled in Spain.

The vessels used, advances La Voz de Galicia, were produced in Portugal and Pontevedra.

Operation Ranger, which led to the arrest of 30 people, was an investigation that spanned nine months. In addition to the arrests, it resulted in 23 searches in the provinces of Cádiz, Málaga, Almería, Pontevedra, as well as in the autonomous city of Melilla.

12 boats were seized, including high-speed boats, a dozen 350 HP boat engines, money in different currencies whose value amounts to 200 thousand euros, numerous trailers, as well as a military truck used for transporting and launching vessels.

Among those arrested, advances the same medium, is ‘Bubu’,” leader of the organization ” and the most active criminal in southern Spain.

More than 250 agents from different units of the Civil Guard from all over Spain were deployed in this operation and it was supported by international agencies such as the Judicial Police, Europol, the DEA, the FBI, the United States Coast Guard, the Royal Moroccan gendarmerie and the Royal Gibraltar Police.

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