man filling car with petrol

Fuel prices will not change much next week, with gasoline remaining the same as the previous week and diesel suffering a slight price increase, according to the ECO newspaper.

From Monday, the price of diesel will rise slightly to 1.542 euros per liter (one cent more) and the price of petrol will remain at 1.644 euros per liter (0.0XX cents/liter).

Fuel prices have fluctuated slightly this week, according to official data from the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG). On Wednesday, January 10, the average price of straight diesel was 1.550 euros/liter and the average price of straight 95 petrol was 1.644 euros/liter.

These prices include data from around 2,350 fuel stations supplied to the DGEG and already include the price charged after applying local discounts, customer cards and various promotions. It also includes the tax reduction of 25 cents per liter of diesel and 26 cents per liter of petrol, says the ECO newspaper.
It should also be noted that operators and petrol stations are free to charge whatever price they wish, but only have to comply with tax obligations. It’s therefore important to keep an eye on the petrol stations in your area to see which is the best option for you.

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