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Founded in 1961, Delta Cafés specializes in roasting and selling coffee.

The Delta Cafés brand, owned by the Nabeiro Group, a company based in Campo Maior and founded by the late Comendador Rui Nabeiro, is once again among the Portuguese people’s favorite brands.

In choosing their favorite brands, 267 brands were selected, in sectors as diverse as food, travel and leisure, products, equipment and hygiene for the home, among others.

The initiative is run annually by ConsumerChoice, the Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Center.

The 267 brands that are the “consumer’s choice” and are awarded by consumers are the ones that have best completed the attributes demanded and valued by consumers during 2023, achieving the highest levels of satisfaction.

In the COFFEE, SOLVABLE BEVERAGES AND CEREAIS category, Delta Cafés was once again chosen as the Portuguese people’s favorite brand.

Founded in 1961, Delta Cafés is a company specializing in roasting and selling coffee.

Its coffee is recognized in all four corners of the world. The brand from Alentejo, which leads the national market and is present in more than 35 countries, has been winning over the Portuguese for 50 years and has once again been chosen as their favorite.

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