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The beginning of the year is a great time to clean up your surroundings and protect yourself from negative energies. Here’s how to do it!

Coarse salt is known for its culinary uses, such as seasoning meat on the barbecue. More than just a cooking ingredient, however, it can also be used to promote well-being, in energy cleansing rituals and to ward off envy and the evil eye.

There’s no better time to cleanse your surroundings than the beginning of the year, a period of renewal by nature. Below, we explain a little more about the esoteric properties of rock salt and how to use it to protect yourself and ward off negativity!

Why is rock salt used for energy cleansing?

According to Heloísa Von Ah, editor-in-chief of We Mystic, rock salt’s ability to interact with environments and people is the result of the compound’s physical properties. “When dissolved in water, salt releases negative and positive ions, which interact energetically with our body, which is also a union of positive and negative particles,” she explains.

“In this way, a rock salt bath captures excess negative particles in our body, promoting the desired energetic cleansing,” says Heloísa.

She explains that the salt crystal also emits negative ions like those found in nature, in places like waterfalls and beaches, neutralizing impurities in the environment and contributing to a feeling of lightness and well-being.

“There is also a complement studied by radiesthesiologists, who analysed the electromagnetic wavelength of a salt crystal and found that it was capable of helping to neutralize environments, transmuting negative energy into positive energy,” she comments.

In addition, the wave in question would have an energetic emanation of the violet cosmic ray – in other words, a vibration frequency with immense power to purify and transform. “Since ancient times, salt has always been seen and valued for the many benefits brought by bathing in salt crystals and for its energizing properties,” adds Yara Vieira, esoteric consultant at Astrocentro.

Sea salt spells to do at home

Below are six spells that Heloísa and Yara suggest using rock salt to protect yourself, cleanse your surroundings and much more!

To remove old and stagnant energies in used clothes

Investing in thrift store looks is a sustainable practice, but the fact is that we don't know who has already worn them. In this case, Heloísa recommends cleaning the clothes energetically too. "To do this, you can add a handful of coarse salt and a few drops of holy water to a bucket of ordinary water. Leave the clothes to soak, then wash as normal and dry in the sun," she says. The result, she says, is clothes free of bad energy and purified.
For physical energy cleansing

For this sympathy, Yara explains that you need to use a handful of coarse salt, two liters of warm water and 20 drops of any lavender you prefer. "After a conventional bath, mix everything together and pour the mixture down your neck, saying a prayer of protection. The practice will have the important function of cleansing and relaxing, providing a peaceful sleep and a beneficial feeling of purification," she says.

To protect the home or workplace

For this occasion, there are two very popular options. The first simply consists of adding water and the equivalent of a finger of coarse salt to an American glass. "This combination can be placed behind the entrance door or in the corners of the room. Remember to change the mixture once a week," says Heloísa.
The second option can also be used as a personal protection talisman. To do this, take a handful of coarse salt, a red pepper, a clear quartz crystal and a black tourmaline. "If you prefer to use this sympathy in the environment, place the items in a glass container and leave it somewhere where there is an entrance or a large flow of people. If you want to use it as a personal talisman, put the ingredients in a cloth bag, close it and take it with you, in your bag, in your car or wherever you prefer, to attract protection. Change it every 30 days," she says.
To clean the house

Still on the subject of energetically cleansing the home, Yara proposes an alternative to the one above. You'll need a handful of coarse salt, two liters of water at room temperature and a white number 8 candle. "Mix the coarse salt with the water and throw it around the house, as if you were watering the plants, from the back to the front door, saying a strong prayer for protection," she says.
When you've finished, throw another handful of salt on the sidewalk, then light the white candle and let it burn down completely. "If you want, you can write down requests for protection on a piece of paper and place it under the candle, so that they can be answered by spirituality with greater vigor," adds Yara.

To make an unloading bath

The classic rock salt bath is a must. To cleanse personal energy, eliminating envy and negative vibes, Heloísa suggests dissolving a handful of rock salt in a liter of hot water. "Then add a handful of rue and a handful of basil (they can be fresh or dried). Leave to infuse for 15 minutes and strain," he says.
Then take your bath as normal and, at the end, pour this (warm) mixture down your neck, thinking of all the negative energy going down the drain. Don't rinse and repeat the bath no more than once a month.

For business (physical store)

If you have a business in a physical store and want to protect the environment from bad energy, try this spell. You’ll need a thick glass (like whisky), a whole head of garlic, two small stones of charcoal and enough salt to fill half the glass. “Place the glass somewhere discreet, such as behind the front door or under the service counter. This will help absorb any negative energy from the environment, and you’ll need to change the ingredients in the glass every month,” says Yara.

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