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Can you imagine the average annual expenditure of a family in Portugal? And where does the biggest chunk of money go? Also find out which regions spend the most and the least.

The average annual household expenditure in Portugal amounted to 24,190 euros in 2022/2023, the National Statistics Institute (INE) revealed.

According to the provisional results of the Household Expenditure Survey 2022/2023, around two thirds of average household expenditure was concentrated on housing (39.1%), food (12.9%) and transport (12.4%).

In terms of NUTS II regions, average annual expenditure was highest in the North (25,057 euros), but also exceeded the national average in Área Metropolitana de Lisboa and Região Autónoma da Madeira.

On the other hand, the lowest average regional expenditure was in the Autonomous Region of the Azores (20,439 euros), which also has the regional expenditure profile furthest from the national average, according to the survey.

The results also suggest that, taking into account family composition, households with dependent children spend an average of 8,861 euros more per year than households without dependent children, which translates into an average monthly expenditure 738 euros higher.

Among one-person households, average annual expenditure was higher in the presence of an adult under 65 (18,121 euros) than in households with an older adult (14,775 euros).

The difference in average monthly household expenditure of 738 euros between households with and without dependent children was mainly due to transport and housing costs, which in both cases exceeded 100 euros per month.

The presence of dependent children in households also led to higher expenditure on food, restaurants and accommodation and education: 85, 79 and 62 euros more per month on average, in the same order.

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