Five hundred euro bills spread out and handcuffs

Looking for a house? Beware, there’s a new scam through real estate platforms.

Online real estate platforms are often the scene of scams: however, attention needs to be paid to a new scam, in which a fraudster steals the identity of a lawyer, trying to convince victims to hand over a deposit to complete the purchase.

The scam concerns properties with attractive prices, according to ‘TVI’, enough to attract the attention of people looking for a house. After making contact, the seller presents himself as a lawyer responsible for selling a property due to debt proceedings – he sends his professional registration and a request for a down payment to schedule a visit.

According to DECO, the criminal schemes are becoming more and more elaborate, and it has recommended checking all the data before making any payment. “It seems quite serious to me because it’s already reaching far-fetched levels, from someone posing as a lawyer. In these cases, we advise consumers to contact the Bar Association, try to contact the lawyer himself to really confirm and match what is being said,” said a consumer association official.

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