A man standing in front of a digital display with startup business

The Startup Lisboa incubation program, which supported more than 120 startups by 2023, begins the year with 39 new projects on the incubated list. It is the highest number since its creation in 2012. The Web3, health, CleanTech, AI and well-being sectors stand out.

With the launch of Unicorn Factory Lisboa, Startup Lisboa’s umbrella brand, the incubation program has grown significantly and received a record number of 39 new startups this January, with the aim of supporting over a hundred startups again by 2024. Today there are more than 200 startups incubated between the physical modality at Rua da Prata and the remote modality.

The new group of startups is made up of the Web3, Health, CleanTech, AI, Wellness, FoodTech and Cybersecurity industries, in which 62% are international projects and 28% are founded by women, a number that has been growing. From an investment point of view, 36% of the startups have already raised capital between pre-seed and series A.

Startups aim to accelerate their solutions, products and services, seek investment, improve the business model, find new business partners, benefit from specialized support with mentors and, in addition, join a very strong community.

“Since the start of Unicorn Factory Lisboa, we have raised the city’s ambition with the aim of growing the city’s ecosystem and positioning it as one of the best innovation centers in Europe. This year we want to continue to grow and support more than 140 tech startups in the Startup Lisboa Incubation Program. All 39 projects have innovative ideas capable of changing the operating paradigm of various sectors, and we intend to be at the founders’ side to support the various stages of growth,” says Gil Azevedo, executive director of Unicorn Factory Lisboa.

Incubation at Startup Lisboa has a strong focus on supporting early-stage startups, with over 140 mentors, more than 150 VCs, 100 perks and partnerships and networking with a community of 220 incubated startups. Proof of its success is the total value of investment by Startup Lisboa startups over the last two years of 132 million euros.