the code of arms of the GNR, Guarda Nacional Republicana

The GNR (Guarda Nacional Republicana) detained 12 people on Sunday Dec. 12th.

While recovering 27 stolen vehicles, the arrests were made on grounds of gang crime, forgery of documents, drug trafficking, theft and fraud.

The 12 detained are aged between 22 and 43. Investigating theft and the dismantling of vehicles and verifying the theft of more than 100 vehicles, which led to an estimated value of 3,000,000 € in total.

The statement of the GNR also says: ‘During the operation, in which 12 arrest warrants were served, 54 search warrants and 10 preventive foreclosures of bank accounts, the GNR was able to recover 27 vehicles that had been stolen, having been returned to the owners.’

In the scope of the action, 37 vehicles, two firearms, 11 ammunition, two melee weapons, a crossbow, a compressed air gun, 40 doses of cocaine, 21 doses of hashish, various motors and auto parts, various vehicle registration plates and vehicle keys of different brands were seized.

The GNR also seized 20,619 euros in cash, 24 mobile phones, a tablet, four computers, a GPS and different material and tools related to theft and decommissioning of vehicles.

During the same operation, two more men were still detained, one for possession of a prohibited weapon and drug trafficking, and the other for possession of a prohibited weapon, aged 33 and 58, respectively.

The detainees, seven of whom had criminal records for crimes of the same nature, one of whom was suspended, were present to the Remand Judge at the Court of Penafiel.

The action was reinforced by the GNR Comando Territorial personnel of Braga, Aveiro, Leiria, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real, Bragança and Viseu and with the support of Comando Territorial personnel of (SEPNA) and the Port Territorial Command, all of the GNR.

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