A traffic radar system on the side of a road

More than 14,000 drivers were caught speeding during the seven days of the “Travel without haste” campaign, and about 10,500 were fined through the radars of the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR).

The campaign under the responsibility of the ANSR, GNR and PSP controlled between January 16 and 22 “4.9 million vehicles, 4.6 million of which by the National Speed Control System (SINCRO), under the responsibility of the National Road Safety Authority”.

In a statement, the authorities clarify that “14,443 thousand of the drivers were speeding, of which 3,900 were detected by the radars of the Security Forces”.

The ANSR also said that in the campaign period “a total of 2519 accidents were registered, which resulted in 8 fatalities, 41 serious injuries and 707 minor injuries”.

Compared to the same period in 2022, “there were 386 fewer accidents, 4 fewer fatalities, 15 fewer serious injuries and 74 fewer minor injuries.”, adds the ANSR statement.

The joint note from ANSR, GNR and PSP explains that during the campaign period, which aimed to alert drivers and passengers to the danger of speeding, “596 drivers and passengers were sensitized, who were made aware of the fact that speed is the main cause of a third of all fatal accidents on national roads”.

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