Stone aqueduct and road

A driver showed his indignation and concern by posting on social media what happened to him on the morning of January 23, when he passed the Ameal viaduct in Coimbra.

“This happened to me (and my mother) at around 8:20am today when I was driving on the National [341] towards Pereira do Campo – Taveiro,” he explains on the Occurrences in Coimbra Facebook page.

He can’t specify “whether it was someone throwing a stone from the top of the bridge or whether it bounced off the rear wheel of the truck that was passing by at the time (in the opposite direction) and hit the glass,” he says.

He also said that he posted this to see if any of the drivers behind him had any pictures. If they did, he asked them to send it to him by message.

He also wanted to find out “if there are any other cars that have been hit in the same place” and “if this is an isolated piece of bad luck or if there might be something going on here that could lead to misfortune. And if so, so that the appropriate legal measures can be taken,” he concludes.

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