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If you’re looking for places to eat in 2024, you don’t even have to leave the city because TripAdvisor has just placed Lisbon in the Top 10 of the best gastronomic destinations.

It’s true! Lisbon returns to be part of the best gastronomic destinations in the world, on the TripAdvisor platform, which this year again considered the capital of the country as one of the best to eat in the year 2024. Are we going to know where we stood?

Chefs of all cuisines in Lisbon: prepare your countertops because, according to the TripAdvisor website, the city is back in the Top 10 of the best gastronomic destinations in the world this year.

In a list that identifies the cities where you will eat the good and the best around the world, Lisbon appears in an honorable 9th place, having fallen two positions in relation to 2023, when it occupied a privileged 7th place.

Where to eat better in 2024

We have already chosen the restaurants where we will continue to go in 2024, after we have tried them in 2023.

But we are sure that we will discover new places, amazing and very tasty.

In the meantime, and because we know that you are a food lover and that you like to travel, the list that we are going to present below will have your full attention, especially if you want to visit the Top 25 best cities in the world to eat in 2024.

You already know that Lisbon was in 9th place, in a ranking led by Hanoi, capital of Vietnam (1st), Rome in Italy (2nd) and Crete in Greece (3rd).

If you like to experience the typical delights of each city, in the list of the best gastronomic destinations of 2024 on TripAdvisor you will find a new itinerary for your food trips:

Hanoi, Vietnam
Rome, Italy
Crete, Greece
Cusco, Peru
Florence, Italy
New Delhi, India
Barcelona, Spain
New Orleans, United States of America
Lisbon, Portugal
Phuket, Thailand
Paris, France
Jaipur, India
Baku, Azerbaijan
Istanbul, Turkey
Athens, Greece
Cartagena, Colombia
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Mendoza, Argentina
Charleston, United States of America
Kyoto, Japan
Panama City, Panama
São Paulo, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina

As always, the TripAdvisor rating is based on the opinions and comments that users leave on this platform whenever they have a new dining experience.

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