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Gondomar (Disrtict of Porto)

Parque Escolar revealed today that on Tuesday Dec. 12th the ‘legionella’ SPP bacteria was detected in two showers of the Gondomar Secondary School.

“As part of the Gondomar Secondary School’s preventive maintenance and conservation plan, samples were taken and the presence of the ‘legionella’ SPP bacteria was recorded in a shower in the girls’ changing room and in a shower in the boys’ changing room,” says Parque Escolar.

In an email sent today to the parents’ association, the director of ESG, Lília Silva, said that the preventive inspection carried out by Parque Escolar technicians had detected the presence of the “SPP variant of ‘legionella’ and not the more serious pneumophilic variant”, and that access to the showers had been closed.

The response also states that “measures were immediately taken to isolate the site (including the closure of the changing rooms), the school management informed, a chemical treatment was carried out and the site was cleaned and disinfected with an appropriate chemical”.

The response goes on to say that the matter has been reported “to the Local Health Unit” and that “new samples will be taken for counter-analysis, and until the results are received, the changing rooms will remain closed”.

A source at the school told Lusa in the middle of the afternoon that “due to the fact that student assessments were underway – the first term ends next Friday – the changing rooms were no longer in use and there were no reports of infected students”.

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