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The PSP (Polícia de Segurança Pública) will be carrying out its proximity policing in commercial areas and stay in close contact with business owners until the 13th of December.

The statement by the PSP says that the operation, called ‘Montra Segura’, is part of the ‘Safe Trade’ program and will take place throughout the country. It has a preventive character, aiming to strengthen security in commercial areas known to have a higher crime rate.

Part of operation ‘Montra Segura’ is also a closer relation with business owners, raising awareness and pointing out better measurements when it comes to securing business properties and areas.

The PSP will also carry out an information/sensitisation campaign on its social networks on the “Safe Trade” program, what are its objectives and main councils to prevent the practice of property crimes and (self-)protection measures.

The PSP advises commercialists on creating a protection network with establishments in their area, keeping the police informed of all suspicious activities noticed and install proper alarm and surveillance systems that are operational 24 hours every day. Most important: To ensure they are operating without problems.

Another advice given: The use of safes for keeping money, valuable objects and documents protected, protection of windows and doors (iron bars etc.) and a reinforcement of locks while ensuring maximal lightning of the establishments in- and outside.

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